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Raised by Hippies is an educational media brand dedicated to celebrating the people, places and music that made up the twentieth century.

The stories are presented with context, accuracy and the enthusiasm of a life-long music fan.

Raised by Hippies is not limited to genre or era, and seeks to know and share the full, rich history of music in the last hundred years.  


Vanessa Hughes is a music historian (BA. Hons), writer, social media manager and hippie mom with a passion for music and the twentieth century.  

Raised by Hippies was started when Vanessa was at home with her toddler in lockdown, in search of a new career.  Having a thorough background in social media, and always dreaming of working in music journalism, she found quick success through TikTok and has now expanded to other platforms including Youtube and Instagram.


Vanessa is currently writing her first book, is developing a clothing line, and works with a wide range of brands in social media marketing and promotion.

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